Fragment of a


Story 09
GAN Generated Seascapes

by Akai


Year 1843;

Year 2022.

A public beach is resurrected at the Padang.

Between 14 January and 3 February 2022, the historical shoreline of pre-colonial Singapore re-emerges starkly on the Padang’s surface.

Titled Fragment of a Shoreline, the 55m long piece pays tribute to Singapore’s years of nation building, and the myriad decades past of developmental and geographical change. By resurrecting a fragment of Singapore’s original coastline of 1843, it explores the embedded psychogeographies of Singapore’s land reclamation since its colonial founding.

As with a regular beach, visitors are invited to play, lounge and simply interact with the installation.

Fragment of a Shoreline is an installation designed by Spatial Anatomy and Akai Chew, and executed by lighting specialist Inhabit and sound artist Oftrt (Dominic Khoo). The installation features in the Light to Night Festival 2022, made possible by National Gallery Singapore.

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