Reclaim & Proclaim

Growth, growth, growth, sand, sand, sand..

This nation would physically swell in size by over 25% in 50 years. Impressive.

Send sand, from far away; from Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia to Indonesia. Our neighbour countries shrink so Singapore could grow. Land displaced from their lands form Singapore land via a Proclaimation from the President of Singapore under the Foreshores Act (Chapter 113).

The different iterations of the Foreshores Acts allowed for the reclamation of land for public purposes. Earlier versions of this Act were the precursor to the Land Acquisition Act.

Charles Lim’s Sea State 9 explores Singapore’s complex relationship with sea, land, and development, and the Foreshores Acts “to provide for reclamations and to validate and facilitate leases or grants of foreshores and submerged lands.